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If you ask any college graduate about studying abroad, you will get one of two responses. 1. It was one of the best experiences of my college career. Or 2. I wish I would have done it. The majority of students who do not take advantage of their school’s study abroad or travel study programs end up regretting it.
Below is a list of every country available to continue earning credits that count towards your business major. Some options are a semester long while others are for several weeks.




Czech Republic









South Korea


Sweden (Exchange)


United Kingdom


If any of these countries sound intriguing to you, there are several ways to get more information about them. You can connect with the international program search which will allow you to search for programs that match your needs and interests.
Another great resource is the Study Abroad Fair taking place this Thursday, September 14th from 11-2PM in East Hall. Faculty will be there to answer questions regarding different trips you are interested in.
Don’t graduate with regrets, attend the fair to see what options are available to you.

Student Perspective: For those of you who believe that “I could never afford to do that” I feel you. I decided several weeks ago that I was going to study abroad for a semester, and I was shocked to find out that the cost of these trips are much LESS than I had previously anticipated. For example, Sweden is a direct exchange program. Meaning that you pay the Winona State tuition. So before you write it off, explore all the international programs with complete due diligence and see what’s available to you. I promise you’ll be surprised. -Allen Richardson

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