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Rachelle Schultz starting presentation.

“Hurricane Healthcare,” a great metaphor for the healthcare industry as described by Rachelle Schultz, President, and CEO of Winona Health. Schultz took the time to give an informational presentation about the hardships the healthcare industry is currently facing.

Murmurs of excitement and enthusiasm to learn about Schultz’s years of experience and knowledge in healthcare management filled the once empty room as the time approached 7 pm. The participants consisted of nursing majors, business majors and individuals from the community who were seeking a professional’s insight on the healthcare industry.

The first half hour of the event was a presentation on several educational topics from issues in healthcare, to what Winona Health is doing differently than other organizations in the field.

The night concluded with a Q and A session led by Schultz. The audience questions were very thought out and insightful. Prompting Schultz to tell stories of her experience, as well as observations she has made here in Winona.

Overall, this event was not one to miss. It is not every day students get the opportunity to learn about healthcare and management from a professional who has made such an impact on the local community and abroad.

The only lingering question is when will students have the opportunity to learn such useful information from another healthcare expert so distinguished and professional.

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