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Professors Joann Segovia and Pat Paulson

Professors Joann Segovia and Pat Paulson

While attending Winona State University I have encountered countless professors and faculty members who have helped shape the course of my life. Each one has a different area of expertise, but they all offer students an outstanding amount of knowledge and encouragement. The College of Business is fortunate to have engaged faculty. They consistently go above and beyond in their roles. They offer support and solutions to students and pour their hearts into the course materials they teach. Although there are several professors and faculty members in the College of Business that truly give back to students, I would like to highlight my experiences with three of these outstanding individuals.

Professor Paulson

He is an excellent example of a professor who serves students and challenges them to become the best they can be.

Management Information Systems (MIS) Professor Paulson with a background in law and engineering offers a unique perspective to students. Before taking his class I knew close to nothing about HP computers and even less about operating systems and software. After taking three of his courses I have gained considerable skills with technology and data analytics. Although I am still a novice in Management Information Systems, I have gained a much deeper understanding of the importance of technology and the role it will play in the future. Along with teaching exemplary courses, Professor Paulson also offers supplemental learning on Fridays. He and his wife provide food for students, a perfect incentive for hungry college students. During these sessions, he is willing to sit down with students one-on-one and walk them through a process that isn’t clicking yet. He also offers advising and mentorship related to career development, along with other personal struggles students might be facing.

Professor Segovia

Professor Segovia serves as an astounding member of Winona State’s College of Business.

Professor Segovia teaches Accounting courses at Winona State University, including Accounting Information Systems (AIS). She has a wide-range of experiences within the accounting field, including preparing taxes for various clients. She understands the importance of personal relationships within the business environment and shapes her courses in a manner that encourages interaction between students. For example, she encourages small group discussions and gives students the opportunity to speak in front of the class. She encourages students to ask questions for clarification and is always available to meet with students outside of class. Along with supporting students inside the classroom, she also is an active participant in the Accounting Association on campus and does an excellent job advising students on graduation requirements and career development. Her commitment and engagement with students exemplifies her dedication to the institution. On countless occasions, Professor Segovia has met with me to discuss career opportunities and personal development. She has served as a reference for a multitude of years and has been an excellent role model and mentor.

Professor Eberhard

Professor Jared Eberhard

Professor Jared Eberhard

His experience and willingness to engage with students is a tremendous asset for Winona State University.

Professor Eberhard teaches management courses, such as Project Management and Operations Management at Winona State University. He has a breadth of experiences with traditional corporations, as well as expertise in entrepreneurship. He relates difficult concepts to real-world examples. His lectures are always engaging and informative, challenging students to think about business and management in new ways. For example, Professor Eberhard will invite prominent business leaders to come speak in his classroom. The speakers often provide insights on career development, personality assessments, and general business strategies. This opportunity to network with professionals and ask them pertinent questions is fundamental to the development of college students. Additionally, Professor Eberhard encourages students to become better public speakers and negotiators by challenging their narratives and offering advice on how to reshape the conversation in a more productive way. This has been paramount to my success in interviews and networking interactions.

Each professor serves students in a powerful way, contributing to the overall success of this university. As we near the end of another semester, please remember to thank the professors and faculty members that have helped contribute to your success as a student. Reach out to those who have helped you Create Your More.

Micaela Griffin ’18

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