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The Final Four was an event that was never supposed to happen. It was supposed to be the annual Wincraft Super Bowl party, but due to some frigid weather, it had to be rescheduled. One might think that the two months separating the first date with the final date would deter some students and limit the hype around the event. In this case, that proved wrong.

East Hall was packed with students, faculty, and Wincraft team members as the celebration around the Final Four was beginning. The line to get into the event filled the hallway and students on their way to the cafeteria were noticeably curious about the ruckus that had filled the normally quiet space.

Games like mini golf and water pong were played giving participants an opportunity to win a $100 Wincraft gift card. There was also a drawing at the end of the night where anyone attending the event could win Apple Airpods as well as Wincraft sport team gear.

Between the games and the drawings was a competitive game of trivia with categories such as WSU, Wincraft, and random questions. The trivia winners were able to pick up any material that was brought to the event such as Final 4 banners and different Wincraft posters. During halftime, Wincraft’s CEO of Wincraft, John Killen, took a moment to thank everyone for coming. He then introduced his son, and Wincraft’s Head of Marketing, John Killen Jr. to discuss what he has learned in his time at Wincraft and traveling the world.

At the end of the night, there was a noticeable aura of happiness as the students, faculty, and other participants left the event.

Thank you to Wincraft Inc. for hosting the event for another year, and thank you to Professor Mike Behan for being the WSU host of the event. Next year’s event cannot come soon enough.

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