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It was a great time to reflect and celebrate each other’s accomplishments as we wrapped up another year this past May.

Our College of Business motto of “Create Your More” has truly become a lifestyle for both students and faculty alike. Each year we celebrate this with a social media campaign to hear from students and faculty how they are creating their more!

Last Spring Semester, the #CreateYourMore campaign ran April 22nd-24th. We encouraged all students and faculty to participate. We asked them to share their personal accounts of how they were creating their more. Everyone who shared were entered into a giveaway for WSU bookstore prizes.

We had 3 winners!

Bethany Seifert Creating Her More

Bethany Seifert Creating Her More


Logan Wescott Creating His More!

Logan Wescott Creating His More


Caleb Gernes Creating His More!

Caleb Gernes Creating His More


Thank you to all who participated. We’re celebrating our students and faculty by recognizing the ways they have created their more!

-Janae Mann

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