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Bridget Doran

Bridget Doran

This past summer I was fortunate enough to intern with Ernst & Young in their Risk Advisory Service line. This service provides support to clients with the design, development and implementation of methodologies and procedures to enable a sustainable IT risk assessment program. This program is capable of identifying key IT business risks, aligning those risks with risk mitigation activities and then highlighting, monitoring, or improving activities for the business.

As an intern, I worked specifically with my engagement team comprised of senior team members whose purpose was to help our client improve their business performance through establishing and maintaining an effective risk and control environment. This involved assessing risks in an audit context which allowed me to develop an in-depth understanding of the company’s business and IT processes, risks and controls.

Throughout my internship, I worked on and produced deliverables that were Excel documents for my client. Within Excel, I utilized functions such as VLOOKUP, MATCH and pivot tables. In addition, I worked with SQL statements and queries. All of these skills I had learned in my Management Information Systems (MIS) classes and directly transferred to my internship in Risk Advisory Services. My MIS classes provided me a foundation of knowledge and skills that allowed me to succeed and thrive during my internship. My internship at Ernst & Young strengthened my passion for Risk Advisory Services and solidified my decision that MIS was the right major for me. I accepted an offer for employment after graduation from Ernst & Young and will be working in Risk Advisory out of their Chicago office starting next summer.

Bridget Doran ’20
Accounting and MIS Major

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