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CH Robinson event in the Engagement Center

Winona State University hosted an in-house sales competition on behalf of C.H. Robinson on Sept. 21.

C.H. Robinson consists of a team of chain experts dedicated to their customers, contract carriers, growers, and suppliers. They accelerate global trade by delivering products and goods that drive commerce. Optimizing supply chains is at the core of all that it does. C.H. Robinson helps customers gain control over costs, minimize risks, and continually improve outcomes.

Twelve teams of two sellers competed in the competition selling logistics services to a hypothetical beverage manufacturer. Each of the twelve teams had one week to prepare for the competition and were required to effectively identify the buyer’s needs, handle any potential objections and ultimately get the sale.

The competition took place over two rounds. In the first round, the team’s objective was to get agreement to schedule another meeting with the decision-maker. After the first round, four teams were selected by the judges to move on to the final round to complete the sale.

Finalists received cash prizes. First place went to Ryan Sweeney and Dakota Smith who won $150 each. Second place went to Cheyenne Messer and Taylor Mirwald who won $100 each. Third place went to Nick Thrune and Jon Wawrzaszek and 4th place to Jake Adkins and Sydney Bauschek, each went home with $50 each.

This in-house sales competition is another example of the hands-on learning that WSU’s Strauss Center for Sales Excellence offers its sales students.

Professor Marianne Collins

Director of Strauss Center for Sales Excellence &

Chair of Department of Marketing

For more information about Strauss Center for Sales Excellent, please contact

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