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Winona State College of Business alumni has gone on to do great things, including starting a business that works with Amazon to resell items, working for the NFL, and even being the CEO of a Fortune 500 company.

The College of Business has chosen three alumni to showcase very diverse backgrounds and career paths, ranging from education to a startup business promoting professional development.

Carole Burton – My More is Empowering Women

Carole Burton ’90 graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Human Resources. Burton went on to work in Sales and Procurement for Retail and Industrial Manufacturing. After an extensive career in the Twin Cities, she decided was time to Create Her More and start a professional development company, Radiance Resources. Radiance Resources offers “Tools, Training & Research for Leaders of employees in traditional and virtual workplace relationships.” Connect with Carole on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Waihon Liew – My More is Breaking the Cycle of Poverty

Waihon Liew ’91 graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Human Resources. Post-graduation Liew went on to teach at Sejong Academy, a tuition-free immersion school in Saint Paul, Minnesota. On top of this, Liew visits his home country of Malaysia to educate teachers on well-being for the teachers, modern and creative ways to teach, and how to ignite the passion for education in students. Liew has helped to provide textbooks and other recreational items for schools in Malaysia to further enhance the student and teacher experience.

Dave Rubenstein – My More is Fighting Global Warming

Dave Rubenstein ’86 graduated with a bachelor’s in Business Administration. Post-graduation Rubenstein went on to find California Ethanol and Power (CE+P,), LLC. CE+P is working towards lessening the carbon footprint specifically on the west coast through the use of sugarcane and sweet sorghum. The fuel created has 85% less carbon intensity, and the green electricity generated from the plant will be used to reduce California’s dependency on fossil fuels. CE+P will continue to work towards its goal of providing the world with sustainable green substitutions for nonrenewable and climate-harming energy sources.
These are just a few of the thousands of Winona State alumni who started Created Their More at Winona State and continue to improve the world. If you have a Create Your MORE story you wish to share, tweet it using the hashtag #CreateYourMore.