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The College of Business Engagement Center filled as students and faculty gathered to learn how international student are adjusting to life in Winona. Coffee and Bloedow’s donuts, a local favorite, were served for all who participated.

The night started off with introductions of all the international students and the students who organized the event, N’Dri Diby and Denilzo Baltazar. Everyone then split into groups, each having at least one international student talking about their experiences living in Winona and attending Winona State University.

The international students were asked many questions all dealing with activities they participated in back home, weekend activities, as well as the most difficult thing to adjust to now that they live in the United States. The answers ranged greatly as everyone has a different background and grew up in different ways.

Thank you to the College of Business’s Deans Advisory Board and the student organizers for carrying on a College of Business tradition for everyone to enjoy. The event was very eye-opening, and next semester’s event can’t come soon enough.

It was a great experience for me as an organizer of the Beyond Borders Event, and also having International students sharing their culture with American students has shown that cultural barrier does not exist in Winona.

N'Dri Diby

Student Organizer

The Beyond Borders event was such a fun and successful event! I am so thankful that the international students at Winona State take the time to tell us about their experiences and inspire us to see other parts of the world. Each time I attend this event, I meet people from all over the world and learn more about other countries and cultures.

Katie Edeus