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The College of Business Alumni Engagement Day was a big day for the college. It provided students with the opportunity to build their network, find their mentor and learn more about the business field.

Thirty-six alumni from all over the country, ranging from the class of 1976 to 2018, were back on campus to speak in classrooms and share their personal stories of how they got to where they are today.

The day was filled with several different speaker panels in Management Information Systems (MIS), Finance, Economics, Accounting, Professional Selling, and Marketing.

A majority of the panelists presented the importance of networking while you’re young. Noting that effective communication is key to building your network and making connections with people.


Alumni Pro Tips

Career Path

When you are trying to find your career path, focus on the industry you want to enter, not the specific job. This allows you to stay nimble so as you move companies and build your credibility as an industry expert.

Trust the Process

Follow your gut and realize that there is no “right” path when it comes to your career. You just have to trust the process.

“The Alumni Engagement Day was such a fun and engaging event! We had the opportunity to hear from panels of alumni about their time at Winona State and gain valuable career advice. The social in the Engagement Center with the alumni was really fun and I met some wonderful people that I hope to keep in contact with throughout my career.”

Katie Edeus

Member of the Dean’s Advisory Board and the President of Pi Sigma Epsilon

Judd O’Connor, a member of the College of Business and the American Marketing Association, used the event as an opportunity to meet his mentor, Dan Mortenson, and gain more insight into the business world. 

After a day of panels and speaking in classrooms, the day commenced with the dedications of two rooms in the College of Business. One for Mark and Cathy Nichols and the other for Merchants Bank. 

Thank you to all the alumni who made their way back to campus to share their real-world knowledge with the students of the College of Business.