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Katelyn Gladem ’20, a Winona State University Marketing major and Sales minor, is the person behind the whiteboard that many students get to see as they walk through the College of Business. She has held multiple leadership roles; President of the American Marketing Association, co-captain of the Sales Team, a member of Beta Gamma Sigma, and secretary of the Dean’s Advisory Board.
She is very active in the college and all of her hardwork has paid off.
So how did Katelyn create the vision for the College of Business whiteboard? At a recent sales competition, Katelyn saw something very similar and wanted to showcase the Create Your More theme. The whiteboard reflects her work and experience in the college. She wanted to have a place where students of the college can capture ideas and encourage ideation and shared experiences.

Get involved early because you never know who you’re going to meet and the opportunities that they will present to you. Networking is very important and building relationships with your peers can help you with your future career.

Katelyn Gladem

Marketing Major / Sales Minor, Winona State University