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Venezuela. Korea. Bangladesh. Malaysia. Kenya. India. Honduras. Seven words. Seven names. Seven countries. To the panel of seven international student speakers, seven stories. And for the 50 students and faculty who attended the event Wednesday evening, an opportunity to discover the thoughts and feelings of individuals whose origins started outside of the United States.

The first thirty minutes of the event revolved around meeting new students and faculty as well as trying to fill out a sheet that could be turned in for a prize following the event. Scanning the room, it could be seen that nearly every person had a smile on their face and a glass of complimentary lemonade in their hand. A sight quite fitting to fall beneath the newly placed stainless-steel plaque “Create Your More.”

After the social had concluded the attention shifted from each other to the international students who had taken their seats at the head of the room. Questions were asked and one by one each panelist would answer it from their own perspective. After the Q and A portion of the event, pizza was served which provided the perfect opportunity to ask specific follow-up questions to one of the panelists.

“Create Your More.” A fitting slogan for a College of Business that gives its students the potential to go above and beyond the brick and mortar college education. But “More” is not always created, it can be discovered and shared.

To the attendants of Wednesday’s event, that is fact.

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