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John Latsch Leadership Academy says their mission statementWinona has a hidden gem and it’s just a three-minute drive from downtown. The Minnesota Marine Art Museum. The John Latsch Leadership Academy recently met at the museum for training, a pizza social, and an artwork tour. The training’s purpose was to introduce the members to a beautiful part of Winona that many people do not otherwise know about while getting the members more comfortable with one another as they develop their leadership skills.

Members gathered in the entryway upon arrival and took the opportunity to catch up with their peers. After a brief hello, the leaders formed a circle, as they do for every meeting. News is shared by the Dr. Hamid Akbari, Dean of the College of Business, and the academy’s values are read aloud, reminding members what the Academy stands for.

The academy was introduced to the museum’s Executive Director, Nicole Chamberlain-Dupree. She walked the academy through the galleries and introduced very famous pieces of art by artists like Pablo Picasso and Claude Monet. The art was so intriguing that the academy was barely able to get through one gallery before the scheduled time to depart was reached. This did not stop most of the members though, who stayed to learn even more about what the art the museum had to offer.

The John Latsch Leadership Academy continues to offer its members fulfilling and exciting events aimed at developing their personal leadership skills while engaging and volunteering in the community around Winona State University.