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On October 10, Winona State University’s College of Business honored Mark and Cathy Nichols, thanking them with a room dedicated in their name.

President of Winona State University, Scott Olson spoke about how the Nichol’s demonstrate qualities of intelligence and strength. While speaking about the couple, Olson said, “I cannot think of anyone who better embodies Winona State University than Mark and Cathy Nichols.”

Dean of the College of Business, Dr. Hamid Akbari shared how Mark and Cathy have some amazing qualities such as bright smiles, kindness, and are nice and welcoming. Dr. Akbari also gave some words of wisdom, “People will never forget how you make them feel.” The feeling in the room during this time was indescribable.

Bob Strauss, a good friend of Mark and Cathy, wanted to mention how many students they are helping because of their generous donation. Jana Craft also spoke about how their generous donation to the College of Business Endowment Fund has provided a scholarship to every student who chose to go on the trip to Scotland.

Sam Koch, the chair of the Dean’s Advisory Board, thanked the Nichols’ for their generosity because it led him to being able to travel to Europe. He said “The Nichols’ have rounded me as a person as a whole” and gave him some important qualities to have for his future career.

Chris Welch, a member of the John Latsch Leadership Academy, talked about how the Nichols’ family is “investing in us and your future generations.” After he had a chance to speak, members of the academy presented a poster to Mark, thanking them for their generosity one last time.

After everyone had a chance to speak, Mark Nichols himself spoke, too. He was very emotional when it was his turn to speak, so he left us with one big “Thank You.” It was so special seeing his emotions show. It really shows that he cares about our university and college, Winona State University.