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Somsen 328 rapidly filled as students, faculty, and alumni gathered to honor a generous room donation from Merchants’ Bank to the College of Business Endowment Fund. Thank you to Merchants Bank for all of their generosity. The College of Business at Winona State University greatly appreciates the way your organization has helped students to learn and Create Their More.

There is no better steward of place than Merchants Bank and there is no better partner in Winona State University than Merchants Bank.
Dr. Scott Olson

President, Winona State University

Merchants Bank is the role model of Create Your More.

Dr. Hamid Akbari

Dean of the College of Business, Winona State University

Always the kind of people to say yes. Merchants Bank has been so generous to Winona State University and the College of Business holds them in high regards as a partner.

Debbie Block

Director of Development, Winona State University

Merchants Bank makes a better quality of life for everyone.

Dr. Robert Wolf

Finance Department Chair, Winona State University

Thank you Merchants Bank for your generosity. The AMA has continued to grow with your donations. We were able to travel to Florida for competitions, and it has given me the opportunity to Create My More.

Sam Koch

Chair of the Dean’s Advisory Board | Member of the American Marketing Assocation, Winona State University