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Networking and making connections with future employers is one of the most important qualities that an individual can perfect. The WSU College of Business is known for hosting events that benefit the students when it comes to networking, and this event was no exception.

The night began with a social where students and employers could converse and get to know each other over appetizers. The students also had the chance to win a door prize if they visited over four companies. This gave the students an incentive to go and talk to the employers and get their name out there.

After the social hour, it was time for guest speaker, Kim Purscell, to take center stage. Purscell gave students multiple tips for improving etiquette when meeting employers. These tips included things like the importance of a good handshake, making eye contact, and topics to talk about when first engaging with someone.

There was also a speed networking session. Each table consisted of an employer and a group of students. The students had about five minutes to ask any questions that they may have and then rotate to another employer for another round.

Once this was done, prizes were given out as well as one last social for more networking opportunities.

Thank you to the College of Business, Charlie Opatz, and Kim Purscell for taking the time to hold this event and provide insight on how to politely and effectively approach potential employers.