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As a new semester starts, so has spring recruiting for the Zeta Omicron chapter of Pi Sigma Epsilon (PSE), a professional business fraternity whose primary focus is on professional selling and marketing. This past January Pi Sigma Epsilon hosted a successful information night for potential new members to learn more about the fraternity and enjoy pizza, mock tails and play engaging games.

The event began with Katie Edeus, the Chapter President, and Madison Moran, Vice President of Human Resources, addressing the group. They explained what PSE is all about and their role in the organization. All of the committee Vice Presidents had the opportunity to introduce themselves and explain how their committee contributes to PSE. All of the executives described their committees role based on how they impact the “small business” that is demonstrated in our chapter.

Following was an opportunity to start socializing again. This was accomplished through a game of human bingo. Everyone went around the room talking to various people while trying to fill out their cards. This started a lot of good conversations and created a comfortable environment for people to ask questions and learn more about the PSE chapter.

The final event was a Spoons tournament. Everyone sat at a table and played each other until a winner was found. The top player from each of the previous tables battled for the win and everyone gathered around to watch. This was a great way to get everyone invested in their table and into the group.

Info night was organized by the PSE Human Resources committee. They did a fantastic job of making the evening a success. Not only did they host a successful info night, but they also created a welcoming environment for our potential new members.

Kaitlyn West ’22
Marketing Major
Professional Selling Minor

Joining Pi Sigma Epsilon has not only given me a new family, but it has given me the opportunity to learn how to thrive in a business setting and more importantly how to have the confidence in myself to do it. Info night went really well! We got more members than we could have hoped for and we got a lot of interest from underclassmen which is great!

Madison Moran

Vice President of Human Resources , Business Administration Major, Sales Minor