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Top Sales Programs are recognized for elevating the sales profession through university education.

Winona State University announces their recognition by the Sales Education Foundation (SEF) as one of the “Top Universities for Professional Sales Education” program for the fifth consecutive year in their 2019 ANNUAL magazine. SEF recognizes WSU for preparing students for successful careers in professional selling and helping to elevate the sales profession. Recent research suggests that 60% of all business majors and 88% of all marketing majors begin their professional careers in a sales-related role. There has been a 100% placement rate with recent WSU sales graduates.

Established in December, 2013, the Winona State University Strauss Center for Sales Excellence offers students leading edge instruction uniquely preparing them for successful careers in sales. The core curriculum offers three courses, including Professional Selling, Sales Management and Advanced Professional Selling with 150-160 students enrolled each semester, and there are currently 75 Professional Selling minors in the program. The emphasis is on equipping new sales professionals with the content and skills that are directly relevant to today’s business needs.

Sally Stevens, Executive Director of the Sales Education Foundation, noted that companies should have an increased focus on partnering with university sales programs and hiring their graduates. In her 2018 Annual Letter from the Editor she notes, “Candidates from these sales programs are more prepared to align with their initial sales roles and to compete in the ever-changing global economy.”

For information on partnerships with Winona State University, contact: Marianne Collins, Director of the Center for Sales Excellence at