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Walmart Sparks ChangeWSU Business Students and Walmart Executives “Spark Change” in September

Winona State College of Business hosted Walmart Day on September 14, 2017. Executives from Winona and throughout Minnesota visited with students about opportunities in store management, distribution and logistics, human resources and career development, a typical day in the life of a Walmart manager and Walmart’s support for local communities. The theme, “spark change”, encouraged students to spark change within their own careers. 

Many students commented that they were unaware of how much Walmart does for local communities because, as one executive said, Walmart does not often tout their community involvement. For example, Walmart was on scene with essentials before FEMA with the recent devastating flooding in Houston, Texas.  Because of their privately-owned fleet of trucks, they can reroute as needed, delivering basics to communities most in need. 

One student commented, “I had no idea how much Walmart does for the community, and it is truly remarkable. I learned that they donate millions of dollars every year to disaster relief and food shelves. Not only do they donate money, but they are also committed to being green and helping out local businesses in town.”

Perhaps the most talked about part of the day were sessions with SE Minnesota Market HR Director, Kinara Williams-Bender and Owatonna Store Manager, Tabby DeLeeuw.  They held individual meetings with students where they critiqued resumes and discussed interview techniques. Students were very pleased with the amount of advice they received that will eventually help them in their future career. One student said, “Another thing I learned from Walmart day was a really great interview technique. I have always struggled with how, to be honest, in an interview while also making myself seem like I am fit for the job. They told me that instead of focusing on how honest I am being, I should reword the honesty so that what you are saying shows the interviewer that you are taking action towards your flaws and working to improve.” Yet another student echoed this sentiment with the following comment, “the most important thing I got out of it was networking opportunities and valuable resume critique”.

Students overwhelmingly expressed their genuine surprise at how valuable the experience was for all who attended. In fact, one student said it was “one of my favorite events that have taken place in the engagement center so far.” The sentiment was shared by our local Winona Walmart Store Manager, Zach Orr. When asked how the event went from his perspective, he stated, “We appreciate the students and faculty spending time with us and look forward to furthering our partnership with WSU in the future.” The College of Business plans to make this an annual event.

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Jana Craft