I AM IN LOVE WITH BUENOS AIRES! The city, the people, the energy, the history, the architecture, everything! We only spent one day in the city but we were given the opportunity to walk everywhere. Buenos Aires is a city that walks. I don’t think I would have felt the same way about it if we had relied only on public transportation. I wanted to take everything in. There were three main things about Buenos Aires that really stood out to me as special. The street art, the history and the street market were the things that will remain present and fresh in my mind for the rest of my life. These memories will be my new mental escape.

The city has street art that is simply amazing. From the simple political outcries, to the more complicated artistic pieces I was completely blown away. It was everywhere! It was really the first thing I noticed after leaving the airport. At first I thought we were just in a bad part of town and nobody cared it was there, but there was no surface that was left untouched by the spray paint and ink pens of the local political activists and artists. Although for some of the instances I was unsure of which side

Secondly the history is extremely somber but inspiring. In high school Spanish class we had discussed many of the proceedings that take place in the capital square during the Dirty War and of course following it as well but to experience the place where Evita Peron sang, millions marched and where las madres still protest the disappearance of their children and loved ones was just mind blowing and beautiful. I took so many pictures and I am excited to share them with family and friends, but especially with my high school teachers who first exposed me to this.

Signs to remember those lost to the Dirty War

Signs to remember those lost to the Dirty War

Finally the street market. I don’t even know where to begin. People and vendors EVERYWHERE. The further we got into the market, the weirder things got. I loved it. Even though I didn’t purchase anything at the market I still had a great time just looking at everything and experiencing. It was the experience that really mattered. The street performers were great. Just great. I really wish we had the opportunity to go back before leaving for the U.S. I guess I really will just have to plan another trip!

-Amanda Glunz