They say that if you shoot for the moon, you will (hopefully) land among the stars. I know many of you may have grown up with majestic mascots like Eagles, Hawkeyes, Falcons, and even the Ravens as a symbol of strength and agility. But I argue that the bird most humanlike in its behavior and ability is the London Pigeon. You may be surprised by how much you share in common with this little gray beast! Also, this is by no means a bad thing! Here is why…

  1. You like to walk rather than run in life

Like the pigeon, you understand that life isn’t necessarily about being efficient! Who needs to get to class on time when you can walk with all the grace of a disco dancer? You know its best to preserve and conserve than show off for all the other people *cough birds cough cough*.

  1. You like your food being locally sourced

Are you a big fan of fresh finds? How bout supporting the local markets? London pigeons are the same way! They don’t care where their food comes unless it is nearby! If it’s on the ground in front of them and is (relatively) fresh, life could not be any better!

  1. You understand the importance of having a group of buddies

Like the London Pigeon, you feel most comfortable dwelling in a sizable squad of compadres. It allows you to have great debate over mealtimes, feel safer when traveling, and can even score you a date! Not to mention, having a branch sleepover is the equivalent of a girl’s night out in the animal kingdom.

  1. Your living arrangement can be precarious to everyone but you

During your college career, you may experience from time to time making unlikely locations around town your sleeping quarters. It is true you may never admit that you are slumming it, because home is where the heart is. London Pigeons are the same way, making use of any roof, cord, tile, and walkway as a new place to live.

  1. You accept kindness from others

Has your mom ever offered to by your groceries? How about when a friend buys you a drink? It’s a great feeling to know people care about you and this fuzzy feeling carries over to the bird world. There is not a pigeon who would refuse breadcrumbs from a gentle stranger.

If you still don’t feel like you are like this marvelous bird, I encourage you to go spend some time with these loopy city dwellers. You may come to learn more about yourself than you ever thought you would!

– Angela Gifford ’18