Name: Alexander Holm | Class of 2019 | Major: ACS Biochemistry | Post Graduation Plans: Apply to Dental School

Words of Wisdom

Here at Winona State, you get out what you put into it. If you work hard and put in the effort you will accomplish great things. Also, don’t be afraid to be involved in clubs, leadership roles, and even study groups.

Hidden Gem

The lake lodge on Lake Park Drive in Winona has campus Wifi! It can be very relaxing to get off campus and string up a hammock by the lake while still remaining productive.


Most Important Thing WSU Taught You

Winona State taught me the perfect balance in terms of prioritizing my free time with my education, friends, and family. This knowledge enabled me to remain productive and proactive.

Why You Are Proud to Be a WSU Grad

I will never forget my time here at Winona State University. I’m proud to be graduating from a university where opportunities were all around me and I was given the resources to take advantage of them.

How Did Scholarships Help You at WSU

The Ray Houtz Chemistry Scholarship not only helped cover some of my student expenses, but it also was a huge honor and accomplishment to be the recipient. I plan on including the scholarship on my application to dental school and will be expecting a discussion about it during my interviews.

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