So while I was exploring the crazy city of London, I noticed these particular signs everywhere I go. The signs were on the streets, in almost every building and business, and even on the tube.


I had no idea what these meant, so being my curious self I had to look it up. Closed-circuit television is video surveillance in places that may need monitoring such as banks, airports, etc. I always figured that it is normal for there to be video surveillance in places like banks, casinos, and stores, but I never thought there would be video surveillance on random streets and forms of transportation.  While sitting on the tube along with the “mind the gap” announcements, once in awhile you will hear something about how CCTV is in action. So basically, do not do anything dumb anywhere in London because you are being watched.

When comparing the United States citywide surveillance to the United Kingdom, in the US it is growing a lot, especially in Chicago. The government does not operate the majority of CCTV cameras in the United Kingdom; they are all privately owned and contracted. Most people in London actually think the government runs all of the cameras, causing some confusion in the city. I suppose that it is not too crazy weird that London has a lot of video surveillance, like any other big city would have, but seeing the signs everywhere really caught my attention.

cctv 2

Here are some not so intelligent individuals that got busted thanks to CCTV:

man 1

Met Police are still trying to find this man who stole a bronze antique sculpture of a panther that was created by Francois Pompon in 1925. It was stolen from the Royal Hospital on July 1st and it is worth 100,000 pounds. Too bad he did not smile!

man 2

This man was caught on CCTV after allegedly exposed himself in a branch of Tesco (convenience store). Thank goodness the picture does not show him exposing himself. Do not get naked in public, it will be recorded.

I found it fascinating that everywhere I went in London I was probably being recorded. I may or may have not made a few funny faces in cameras when I did see some. And I could not forgot my favorite CCTV sign I saw in London.


–Haley Aldinger