It still has not hit me that we are going to Argentina on Saturday. I am sure it will not hit me until I am standing in the airport in Buenos Aires staring out the window into a new country.  I am very excited but still a little nervous. The only thing I am nervous about is teaching for three days in all Spanish. Yes, Spanish is my minor and I have been taught very well here at WSU, I just have not had a lot of experience with getting in front of an entire class and teaching a whole lesson for three days in a row. And especially to young children who do not know the English language very well or at all and have all eyes on you waiting to be taught. I am afraid I am going to forget one simple word and not know what to say.  But I plan to go through my lesson and practice what I am going to say to the students in each section. I want the students to enjoy my lesson and learn as much as they can.

Other than teaching in Spanish for three days, estoy muy emocionado for the experiences we will have. I love traveling and experiencing different cultures. I like comparing things to what we have in the United States, especially the day to day life. Because of this I am most excited to be spending time with a host family. Again, the courage with the language will be a little intimidating, but I am sure everything will be fantastic. I am also a lover of fun foods and I will always try something at least once so I am excited to experience their cultural meals, although we will have to get used to eating dinner at 9pm!!  I look forward to going to a futbol game because I love sports and being around people. I have heard the fans at the futbol games are crazy! :)

We have a great group of students and faculty attending this trip to Argentina and I look forward to getting to know them all! I am sure we will have time on our 10 hour flight and 13 hour bus ride!

I cannot wait to leave soon!  I will keep you all updated throughout the trip!  Hasta Luego!

-Megan Erickson