This is a blog post that I wrote last night (Sunday) while on the bus, but was unable to post because of the slow wifi connection speed. Enjoy!


I love Argentina. I have only been here 12 hours, and am already not looking forward to leaving.

This morning we arrived in Buenos Aires. We went to a restaurant for lunch, and it was delicious! As an added bonus, Pepsi tastes normal here and comes in cool glass bottles. I am definitely bringing one home! Haha. After eating, we went to the market. It was amazing. There were so many cool things for sale. We had a snack and coffee at a café in the afternoon, and Alicia had us try delicious chocolate there.

After the café, we started walking through the market again on our way to dinner and the bus station to board our bus to San Juan. Unfortunately, myself and three others did not hear that we were turning down a different street, and went the wrong way. We ended up separated from the rest of the group, so we went to la plaza to wait for the group to find us. Thankfully, we were found not too long after.

I have taken an incredible amount of pictures today, and am in the process of trying to upload them on Facebook. Unfortunately, the wifi on our bus is not the greatest. We are on our way to San Juan right now, which is a 15-hour long ride.  The buses here are really nice, so I am not too worried about the long ride.

So many thrilling experiences have yet to happen, and I am looking forward to them all! Argentina has been an exciting adventure so far, and I can’t wait to see what tomorrow has in store for us.

The video posted below is one that Matt and I took while we were waiting in la plaza to be found. I hope you enjoy!

-Alex Edlund