Mallorie LynnWhy I chose Biology at WSU
I chose Biology at WSU because I wanted a degree that would allow me to pursue my dream of working with animals, but was also affordable and close to home.

What I gained from my experience in the Biology Department
I had many valuable and enjoyable experiences through WSU’s Biology Department. I met my best friends, networked with professionals, and learned hands-on skills that I will be able to utilize throughout my future career. I was able to travel across the world through a travel study to Tanzania and gain an even stronger appreciation and understanding for wildlife and other cultures. Above all, I had the opportunity to create memories and relationships that will last a lifetime.

What I am doing after graduation
Following graduation, I plan to move to the Twin Cities area to pursue a career with wildlife or companion animals. I then plan on applying to graduate school and pursuing a Master’s degree in anthrozoology.