Frontline managers are the linchpins that connect strategy to execution, and they do this by directly supervising 80% of the workforce. These leaders are the defining factor between success and failure, and they need help.

Did you know?

  • One in three employees don’t consider their boss to be effective
  • One in two employees have left a job to get away from their manager

These statistics aren’t surprising considering that 60% of frontline leaders have never received training for the role. There are no short cuts to building better leaders, but there is a way for leaders to develop into the skilled and effective boss that employees respect and want to work for.

WSU ACE offers face-to-face and online Interaction Management® (IM)* programs to develop the critical interpersonal and leadership skills that managers at the frontline need to be effective. A study across 40+ years of research proves that IM® has a positive impact on leaders, employees, and the business.

The research shows that:

  • 81% of direct reports whose leader attended IM® reported increased engagement.
  • 8.5 of out 10 clients report that DDI solutions lead to measurable change and sustainable outcomes year after year.
  • 77% of organizations report decreased turnover.

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Need to develop core leadership skills? Contact Julie Kiehne via email, WSU Business Outreach Coordinator to customize a program for your organization!

*Interaction Management provides the flexibility you need to meet your leaders’—and your organization’s—unique challenges. Choose from a wide variety of courses, modalities, and languages to transform your leaders and drive better business results. Customizable courses cover critical leadership skills such as communication, coaching, delegation, interviewing, execution, and much more. With IM, you can create powerful learning experiences to solve real business priorities such as the ability to drive change and transformation and create an inclusive environment.