By Krista, Stephanie, Rebecca and Amber

Wazoo and the Queen's Guard

We began this day by returning to the Tower of London after seeing it locked up the night before. We were able to tour around the historic buildings and see Beefeaters and soldiers with the big furry black hats. Also located here, are the crown jewels including a 530 carat diamond at the top of a septor. The sparkles were breathtaking and it was ridiculous to see that many of these priceless crowns and jewelry had only been worn once.

We walked across the Tower Bridge and ate at pub called Horniman’s and then proceeded to The Old Operating Theatre. There we got to see old herbal remedies and medical tools used in the 1830’s some of which looked pretty intimidating. This operating theatre (or operating room) was located in the attic of a church that had been walled off for years before being discovered. After that we broke off into small groups and the majority went to ride on the London Eye, which is a giant ferris wheel near Parliament and Big Ben. We were able to have all 21 of us in one car with plenty of room to spare. The views stretched all across London and we got plenty of pictures, except for Jeff who was too afraid to leave the bench in the center of the car. At this time a few others went to the Tate Museum of Modern Art. After that everyone split up into smaller groups and went to dinner in various places, many went to Piccadilly Circus and did some shopping before returning home and sleeping like babies.

Group Photo at Tower Bridge