Thursday, June whatever (hey – we’re “on holiday”!), 2012

By Logan and Jeff

Greetings Chickens,

After a much needed morning off and ability to sleep in for an extra five minutes the crew separated throughout London going to destinations of their choice. One group attended Kensington Palace to enjoy tea and crumpets at the Orangery with hopes that Will and Kate would be joining them; however, they lucked out and instead were fortunate enough to have tea with the two of us (Jeff & Logan) instead. The other remaining portion of the group went to Oxford Road for some great shopping opportunities… and you know we were not in attendance. Also a few people walked across Abbey Road attempting to dodge the vehicles as they posed like a member of the Beatles. We met for lunch on the bus, heading for Stonehenge, meanwhile enjoying Pret a Manger cold sandwiches, along with “crisps” and sparkling water, which sadly to say is terrible (in my opinion. ~ Logan).

We arrived at Stonehenge proceeding to take the same pictures every ten steps as we walked around the outside of the site. Apparently crossing the rope is frowned upon because people get all sorts of crazy during the summer solstice. A few girls from the group made human “Stonehenges” and pyramids to add some of our own fun to the experience. Many group pictures were taken with the stones in the background, one including the whole group in a line showing off our verticals simultaneously. A few members made their way up a barrow (a burial mound) to get a better look at the many fields around. While that was taking place, the others who stayed back found entertainment in feeding birds with a Special K bar.

Students at stonehenge

After Stonehenge, we set off to a small town weaving on a road that “literally” was no wider than the bus. There were many close calls where the bus and on-coming traffic came within less than an inch of rubbing against each other while they passed. Once we arrived at the town the students and Phil (our newly arrived, sleep deprived faculty member) went into a field that had many more gigantic rocks to take more photos while we waited for our 6PM dinner reservation. Dinner was at a pub which is supposedly haunted. One girl on the trip had an experience during dinner which might make you think that this may be true. Dinner consisted of a main course and dessert, in which fish and chips were yet again a choice. The students came together and got a “Thank you” card along with a picture frame to give thanks to all the supervisors’ efforts and time they have put into this trip for us, before Susan and their son Erik depart back to The States tomorrow. The plan is for the bus to arrive back to the hostel at around 9 pm tonight and many are going to head out to finish a few more attractions off their to-do list.

You-aight mate,

Logan and Jeff