Name: Erin Kloepping | Class of 2019 | Major: Communication Studies | Post Graduation Job: Project Manager at Thirty Story

Words of Wisdom

Be faithful in the small things. I recently heard someone say, “It’s what you do every day that eventually shows.” Whether it’s taking an hour out of your day to encourage a friend or creating an overly detailed outline to make your research paper stronger, take pride in the little things. You don’t have to have the rest of your life planned out — or even the next four years. Just focus on today. Whenever I feel overwhelmed my mom always asks, “How do you eat a giant elephant?” And every time she says, “One bite at a time.” Focus on what’s in front of you and find joy in the little things — you’ll be glad you did.

Hidden Gem

Dr. Glueck from the CMST department. I didn’t have Dr. Glueck as a professor until my senior year of college and man do I wish I would have signed up for her classes sooner. Dr. Glueck truly loves and cares about her students and it shows. It’s impossible to leave her class feeling unnoticed. I always leave her class feeling inspired to reach out and encourage other students on campus. If you’re a young Warrior, I would encourage you to take her classes sooner rather than later!


Advice to Your Freshman Self

Don’t be such a perfectionist. If you wait until you have it all together, you might miss out on the opportunities right in front of you.

Unexpected Experience

When I came to WSU, I didn’t expect to get involved with the International Club. I quickly fell in love with the students involved in this club and learning about different countries and cultures. But most of all, I wasn’t expecting to meet my future husband by getting involved with the International Club! Ian and I bonded over connecting new International students with other Winona State students. Working side-by-side to plan get-to-togethers with different International students as well as attending the International Club events is where our adventure began!

Most Influential WSU Experience

My roommate and sweet friend since freshman year, Lizette Salazar. Lizette has seen me as a little freshman hitting my alarm 17 times every morning to now being a senior preparing to graduate and get married. Through it all, Lizette has shown me what it looks like to be a friend who loves unconditionally — even when I burned popcorn at 3am and made our dorm room stink for weeks… From the first time we met at Pals Weekend our senior year of high school, Lizette has been influential in shaping who I am today simply by being herself. Lizette selflessly puts the interests of others before her own. She always sees the best in others, is quick to listen, and will never turn down a late night jam session.

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