. . . I will be embarking on my first trip outside of the U.S. There really is not just one word I can use to describe my thoughts or feelings. Everything is sort of jumbled together. Excitement, nervousness, anxiousness. I’m restless. It’s only Monday evening and it feels like Friday. This is going to be the longest week of my life. I have so much to do yet and I really don’t think there are enough hours in the next 4 days to get everything done.

Luckily, I am already packed. I have been since last Thursday. I think that’s the most exciting part of this pre-trip craziness, the packing. Collecting everything I think I’m going to need for the 10 days that I will be over 5,000 miles from home. Placing all of my freshly purchased belongings in my suitcase. Checking and rechecking the contents of my portable closet. Hoping that I have absolutelyeverything I will need. All of my clothes are packed and I am running out of clean ones. Each item passed from my dresser to my hamper represents one more day that has passed before leaving. Is it time yet?

We Winona State students are going to rock this. Honestly, I cannot wait until the 10 of us are enjoying the beautiful country of Argentina together. It’s opportunities like this one that really make me excited that I chose Winona State University. If I had gone to any other school, would I have been able to be part of a legacy spanning more than 125 years? I honestly doubt it. I want to thank everyone involved in the planning of this amazing opportunity. I have never felt more alive!

I'm all packed and ready to go.

I’m all packed and ready to go.

-Amanda Glunz