This is the front of Sigmund Freud's London home.

This is the front of Sigmund Freud’s London home.

As a psychology major among English majors, I was the one who stood out whenever we spent extended amounts of time in bookstores.  However, I finally got my niche in the trip when I learned Freud once had a house in London! Although Freud isn’t someone whose ideas most people today would agree with, he was still largely influential and important to the field of psychology. Freud is one of the first people you learn about in every psychology class. I was ecstatic to see his house and museum before I left London.

Sophie, Ashley, Olivia and I took an adventure to go and find Freud’s house. Something about the neighborhood fit our perception of where Freud would live. Arriving at the house we found ourselves laughing hysterically at post it notes called Freudian slips, pens with floating couches inside them and slippers with cartoon depictions of Freud’s face.

Seeing Freud’s office chair set behind his famous couch, I could almost sense him sitting there listening intently to a patient. He had a very strange way of decorating his office. Rugs were thrown over chairs and tables as if to be tablecloths and blankets. Artifacts from around the world hung on walls, stood in front of books,and crowded his desks and tables. I felt like we had stepped back in time as all the information I’ve learned about Freud flooded into my memory.

Seeing a beautiful yard and garden behind the house, we went to enjoy the sun outdoors. Lying in the grass exhaustion brought us all into a nap.  It was an odd concept to say we were sleeping in what was Freud’s backyard.

I can hardly believe that I am standing in Freud's back garden!

I can hardly believe that I am standing in Freud’s back garden!

I was thrilled to see such historical items that belonged to Freud. When I saw his massive walls of books, it was easy for me to understand why he was such an intellectual of his time.  I felt like I finally got to see something significant to my academic interests in London.

–Danielle Peecher