This is the last night before I leave my new home for my old one. I love San Juan, Argentina. I love the excitement. I love the city. I love the exchange rate. I love everything, but most of all I love the people. I do not feel like a foreigner here in San Juan, in fact, I feel completely at home. If I could choose tomorrow between getting on that bus back to Buenos Aires or staying here in San Juan the decision would not be difficult. I would most definitely stay.

I don’t even want to write about all of this because of how emotional I am afraid I will become. I have more to write, but for now I want to enjoy my final hours here in San Juan. This is not goodbye… not even just for now. I only must return to Winona to finish my requirements in order to return.

Thank you San Juan and the beautiful people residing here. Thank you.

-Amanda Glunz