Laura Saner '19Major: Music Liberal Arts and Psychology

Anticipated Graduation Date: May 2019

Hometown: Rochester, MN

What has been your favorite experience at WSU?

My favorite experiences at Winona State have been in the music department (not surprisingly). I have loved getting to bond with people all across campus through the music department, whether they are a music major, a music minor, or just a fellow ensemble member in band, choir or orchestra. I have especially loved going to Choir Camp every year, getting to bond with the other choir members and have been able to have fun, as well as be productive and have a relaxing weekend in nature.

What has been your favorite musical performance on the WSU campus?

I have always loved the choir performances of the Messiah every December, because it brings together the Winona State community, as well as the community outside of the college. It includes the audience and really sets the mood for the holidays that come soon after.

What has been your favorite musical performance in the greater Winona community?

My favorite performances in the Winona community has consistently been the children’s concerts that the Winona Symphony Orchestra performs every year for elementary school kids of the area. It is always so fun and does a great job of showing how difficult, interesting music can be made fun and accessible to all kinds of audiences, even little kids that can barely sit in their seats for the length of the performance.

What would you tell yourself on day one of your freshman year?

It’s okay if you decide to make changes throughout your college career. I feel like most people are scared to change their majors or admit that they don’t like something, especially if they have been set on that idea or job for so long. I managed to change my degree twice; once before I even got on campus and another my second semester freshman year. I would encourage myself (and anyone else) to do everything that I’m interested in, and that one choice doesn’t define me and can be changed later.

Any other thought or idea that you would like to include?

While I am graduating in a few short months, I am so lucky and thankful to have been a part of the music department for four years. I have been able to grow and learn so much from the friends that I’ve made and the mentors and professors I’ve been lucky enough to work with and I will genuinely miss my time in the Winona State Music Department.