Graffiti? No, that’s for gangs. Street art? You mean the billboards on the highway, right? This is just an example of what you would hear Americans say if you told them you went on a walking tour to view street art and graffiti.

However, London’s east side is covered in street art. Not that these buildings need to be covered up because they aren’t “pretty” but it shows how wonderful and creative its citizens are!

Banksy, the poster man for street art is extremely popular and made himself a name by painting controversial art, or even art that made you think right there in the moment. Many people just want an outlet, and I find that in this world we tend to shut down creative minds and make them conform to the rest of society.

street art

While street art is illegal, you can see that it doesn’t stop many. The tragic beauty of this is that you can paint something one day, and come back the next, and a new painting from someone else will be over yours. Art is constantly changing itself, and a person walking down the streets are constantly exposed to a different view, or one of your paintings. I find that to be fascinating.

street art2

So for all of you non believers out there, Google Bansky and take a minute to write down your first reaction. Then, of course if you can, walk down the streets of East London and expand your mind!

 —Hannah Moczynski