So we went to the Roman ruins of Bath, in Bath, the other day and it was gorgeous. In Roman times people came from all over to bathe in Bath and make use of their healing powers. The entire structure is set up so that you can tour through how the Baths functioned in the ancient Roman times. The Baths are hot springs coming up from the ground that are believed to have healing powers.

This worries me because immediately upon looking at the one of the bathing pool that is still full today I noticed that the water is green, like toxic green.

This is a once-popular bathhouse in the Roman ruins of Bath.

This is a once-popular bathhouse in the Roman ruins of Bath.

See what I mean? Not appealing in the slightest. But apparently it was all the rage in Roman times. The ruins explained how the Romans at the bath worshiped the Roman goddess Minerva, goddess of wisdom, and believed she was the one who had blessed the waters. Goddess blessed or not, I still don’t think I would have gone in the unnatural looking water, no matter what the problem was.

After the Normans conquered Rome in 1066, the Baths were forgotten and fell into ruins. When they were rediscovered what was left of the Baths, they were preserved and became a landmark. While you’re not supposed to touch the toxic looking green water shown above, they do have a small fountain at the end of the tour you can take a drink from. Trust me when I say, you don’t want to! I took one sip and had to pour the rest of my cone cup out because it was so nasty. So take the tour, see all the beautiful architecture but whatever you do, don’t drink the water.

–Maggie Williams