I have gotten asked the question a few times from friends and family, “Wow, Argentina!  What you are going to do there?”  The answer is the most exciting part of the trip.  We will be teaching in the Mary Graham school in San Juan for four days.  The first day is an observation day to get a feel for students’ expectations.  During the next three days, we will be in front of the class, delivering teaching activities we have prepared.

My teaching activities are titled: American football, Diversity of Winona restaurants,and an English lesson, “What do nouns do?”

I have put more time into these activities than activities I’ve designed in the past, because these classrooms won’t have projectors – so we can’t hook up our computers and project the lesson on a screen in front of the room –  therefore, I have condensed all of the content and instructions of my lesson plans to fit into six ziplock bags.  I will put the students into five groups, give each group a bag, and lead them through the lesson.

I’ve been practicing the delivery of the activities (in Spanish) by recording myself and listening for mistakes.  I know that the less troubles I have while navigating the lesson, the more time the children will have to enjoy the activity.

– Harrisen Ornes