Expanded Program Will Meet Needs of Adults Who Wish to Enter or Advance in the Field of Healthcare

Since August 2013, Winona State University has offered an online Bachelor of Applied Science in Healthcare Leadership & Administration (HLA). This bachelor completion degree was designed to meet the growing needs of the healthcare industry in the state of Minnesota and beyond.

Students in the HLA program have mostly been incumbent healthcare workers with developed technical skill sets and a desire to advance in their field. An entry requirement of the HLA program to this point has been previous or current experience working in healthcare. Graduates of the program have gone on to pursue and hold roles in medical and health service management.

The interdisciplinary curriculum develops skills and knowledge in communication, management, critical thinking, leadership and healthcare policy and ethics. In its 5 years of existence, 43 students have graduated with a BAS in Healthcare Leadership & Administration from Winona State.

This fall, not only will this opportunity for current healthcare workers exist, but a new option will be added to the HLA major program that will give current associate degree holders an opportunity to enter the field of healthcare without previous or current professional experience.

The HLA Health & Wellness Management option is also interdisciplinary in nature, but is focused on helping students develop expertise and competency in the inception, implementation and sustainability of health and wellness programs. Graduates of this program will be poised to take on roles in community health and wellness education.

Both of these completion programs are entirely online and can be completed in two to three years while taking a part-time credit load.

“We are excited to serve a broader population of students with career aspirations in healthcare, and we are proud to launch the new track of courses in the Health & Wellness management option”, said Dr. Shellie Nelson, HLA program director and professor. “We know that industry needs and demands in health leadership and wellness programming will continue to grow and evolve in the coming years, and Winona State is dedicated to providing the knowledge and skills necessary for our graduates to meet these needs head on and provide vision and leadership in the roles they pursue.”

Applications for fall 2018 are being accepted now, and the program coordinators expect to enroll between 50 and 70 new students between both program options for the next academic year. For more information about the HLA Leadership and Health & Wellness Management options, please visit www.winona.edu/hla or call 507-457-2315.