Film Studies students at Winona State had the chance to study the action genre this past fall, understanding the conventions and tropes that make the genre one of the most heart-pumping thrills audiences seek.  A few students put their understanding of script writing, action cinematography, and editing tricks  to craft their very own action short films as culminating projects.  Here are three short films that exhibit those action virtues:

Directed by Matthew Grover, “The Package” has a quick setup that leads into a dangerous chase.  Hand-held cinematography highlights the action.

Directed by Amy Stoulil, “Bystander” crosses a woman who sees the wrong crime at the wrong time and dashes to escape for her survival.  The film’s clever editing techniques highlight the tension within the story.

Directed by Harrison McCormick, “Overdrive” escalates pressure to finish a project into a heated chase and confrontation.  The film’s careful staging and cinematography involves the viewer in a visceral fashion.

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