If you are a filmmaker and have a project you don’t know how to distribute or have a script completed but don’t know how to get it moving into production, submit your film or script to the First Frame International Film Festival!

In its inaugural year, First Frame International Film Festival’s mission is to create the bridge to opportunity from your very first frame or script draft. In this industry, your connections and who you know can make a massive difference, and because of that, a good amount of talented filmmakers and screenwriters go undiscovered. This festival wants to share its resources and connections to undiscovered talent so you and your work have a better chance to be seen and to succeed. First Frame International Film Festival l is different from other festivals because not only do you receive a laurel if you win, you will also receive a distribution deal for your film or an opportunity to have your script produced!

The Early Bird Deadline is coming up on April 25, with student submissions priced at only $25. The Regular Deadline is May 25.

Make sure to submit your work through either Film Freeway or Festhome.

If you have any questions, visit First Frame International’s website or contact Madeline Peterson at madelinepeterson15@gmail.com.

If you would like to contact Madeline for a promo code, use the same address as shown above.


First Frame International Film Festival’s logo and submission deadline information.


First Frame International Film Festival’s logo and information on how to submit work.




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Madeline Peterson

I am an English Writing and Film Studies major at Winona State University.