Introducing Hollywood: Behind the Screen, the podcast in which we discuss, analyze, and criticize films set in and about Hollywood. From rising stars to fallen idols, from glamour and hope to scandal and murder, this so-called Dream Factory has it all. In each episode this season, one of our hosts will take a close look at a particular film prior to 1960. We hope you find what we have to say to be insightful and illuminating.

  1. Sherlock Jr. – Cody Crawford
  2. Movie Crazy – Leng Tian Teo
  3. Going Hollywood – Zachary Proehl
  4. A Star is Born – Gregory Okello
  5. Stand-In – Landon Maier
  6. Boy Meets Girl – Mina Anderson
  7. Sullivan’s Travels – Jessica Gamoke
  8. In a Lonely Place – Jacob Eberhard
  9. Sunset Boulevard – McKenna Scherer
  10. Singin’ in the Rain – Carissa Chin
  11. The Star – Christopher Schroeder
  12. Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? – Amy Stoulil