Hey everybody welcome to Reel Film Talk, a show about everything from the biggest blockbuster hits to award-winning indie darlings. We like to look at todays top films a bit more critically than your average viewer putting my film studies degree to the test. I’m your host Cassie Bauer and today I am joined by the biggest Wes Anderson fan I know Cooper Lipski! You might recognize Cooper, at least his voice, if you’ve ever tuned into a football game on our school’s radio station, KQAL. He is one of our official broadcaster’s here at Winona State!

Today we are talking about a man with style. His films are bright, perky and colorful, but always have heart at their center. He’s one of the greatest living auteurs working today, filling his films with personality and a signature look. Earlier this year he released his 11th feature to date “Asteroid City” which received high praise from critics and audiences alike. But his most recent project is a collection of short films adapted from the work of Roald Dahl, notable among this collection is “The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar.” If you haven’t figured out who we’re talking about yet, we of course are talking about Wes Anderson.