Hey everybody welcome to Reel Film Talk, a show about everything from the biggest blockbuster hits to award-winning indie darlings. We like to look at todays top films a bit more critically than your average viewer putting my film studies degree to the test. I’m your host Cassie Bauer and today I am joined by Noah Kuball. Noah is no longer a film studies major but film studies graduate from Winona State, who is here to offer some professional insight on todays film, and later on tell us about his job in the field.

Today we are talking about an award winning director and her latest film about non other than the King of Rock. Its not actually about him but rather his wife, Priscilla Presley. This film is based on the memoir the real life Mrs. Presley wrote title “Elvis and Me” Coppola’s film documents Priscilla life while she is with Elvis starting all the way back in 1959 at a diner on a German air force base and follows their complicated lives through their divorce.

It is a calm and collected biopic simple titled “Priscilla.”