The Winona State Film Studies students who curated and presented the WSU Film Series reflected on their work this week.  We have three podcasts that cover the process of representing “resilience” over the span of nine events of film programming.

Jenna Grochow, Kyra Beske, and Hailey Torborg have a discussion about one of their favorites in the film series, the 2018 Bo Burnham coming-of-age comedy Eight Grade.  They reflect on how the film relates to their own experiences and its place in the film series as a whole.

Ben Glomski, Josh DeLaRosa, Brittney Bluhm, Kolten Merk, and Sara Manning collaborate to speak on different films in the film series that inspired them and they enjoyed about the experience as curators and audience members.

Seth Lamey, Brynn Artley, and Brinley Zoller have an extensive talk about the process of curating for the Resilience Film Series.  Brynn and Brinley detail the work that went into the series in its 3rd year, and Seth provides context of how different and similar the series was in year two and three.

Keep an eye out later this week on POVwinona, as another issue with focus on the Action genre is in the works!