To returning and new readers alike, hello and welcome to a brand-new year of POVwinona!

I won’t beat around the bush with it: 2020 is already halfway done, and it has been and will continue to be a year like no other. There is a still-raging health pandemic, an upcoming presidential election, and an overwhelming amount of social issues that are developing and surging every single day.

But as we know, life doesn’t stop moving – here we are at Winona State University, (somewhat) back on campus, back in class, and back with new POVwinona content. Yes, things are different now, but we are nothing if not adaptable to change.

POVwinona too will be changing this fall and spring, publishing new, fresh content including several issues on the French New Wave film movement, video content and, of course, film reviews and critiques. A diverse selection of media and different pieces of student work will soon sprawl across POVwinona’s pages, as well as some aesthetic changes for our website. Please get in touch with us on all of our social media platforms: @wsufilmsstudies on Facebook (who have just revamped their logo as seen at the top of this post, woot-woot!) and the Film Studies program page on Winona State University’s website. We’ll keep you in the loop on all things film studies-related!


WSU Film Studies students and activities photo collage via Brinley Zoller.


A new year of content is just about bursting at its seams to be released; a new POVwinona layout and logo are in the works; plus, a new editor is getting thrown into the mix to round out a promising year:

Hi, I’m McKenna Scherer. I am a junior journalism major and a public relations and film studies double minor at Winona State University. I took my first film class during my freshman year (an action genre course) and by the next semester, film studies was apart of my minor. Since then, I’ve taken several more film courses and was part of last year’s projects course, curating WSU’s Careers, Conflicts & Callings theme film series. I’ve also written for the campus newspaper, The Winonan, since my freshman year and was promoted to News Editor this semester. With over forty articles written and published with the newspaper and a handful of film critiques/reviews previously published on POVwinona as well, I am very excited to bring all of our readers more content to enjoy from WSU’s film students this year.

POVwinona editor McKenna Scherer at a journalism convention last year.

However, I did not want to introduce myself and mention all of this new, upcoming content from POVwinona without giving you a taste of what’s been in the works: Brynn Artley and Joe Eichele share a vlog-style report, having been busy alongside their peers in Dr. Johnson’s Film 490 course creating documentary content. Check it out to hear about the professional production team the class will be working with this semester! We also have a review from Carissa Chin on Mulan, the newly released, highly anticipated Disney live-action that has collided head-on with both the public and critics on several fronts, facing major backlash.

Thank you for coming back to POVwinona to see what our film students have been working on in the first few weeks of the fall semester. We are going to be in for quite a ride this year together, so please check back in for upcoming posts, website changes, and brand new issues!