Olivia Carlson

Olivia Carlson's Children's Book

The project I worked on was a Spanish book for SPAN201 to donate to Spanish-speaking students in local schools like Jefferson Elementary and Acardia Elementary. My book is about two best friends named Layla and L’Shawn, who are very different people but are still best friends. Layla struggles with her body image because she looks different from everyone else. However, L’Shawn helps her keep her confidence. My book teaches that all bodies are different and unique and everyone does different things with their bodies. I wrote this book because when I was younger I had a tough time learning to love myself, so I wanted to share with children that its okay to feel insecure but learning how to love themselves is essential and it is essential to surround yourself with good supportive friends. I illustrated it by using google images and tracing them on printing paper.


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December 13, 2018

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