Hailey Buelow children's book

In my SPAN 201 Intermediate Spanish class we recently wrote children’s books for Spanish speaking students at the local elementary schools of Jefferson Elementary in Winona and Arcadia Elementary in Arcadia, WI.

Due to the fact that I care a lot about the environment, I chose to write my book about protecting the environment, to teach the kids about its importance. I hope that the kids, although at a young age, will begin to think about their role in keeping the environment healthy, and how important the environment is. Currently, there is a lot at risk with the health of the environment and my hope is that the future generations will care enough to make a change.

Writing the book has been a rollercoaster. Trying to create a product that would be shared with children was a lot of pressure, and juggling making a good final project with other school work was stressful. The illustrations were especially intimidating because I am horrible at drawing. Yet, holding the finalized, binded copy was a really satisfying feeling. I ended up really impressed with my drawings and story. All the time spent on creating the book turned out to be extremely worth it, and it’s a good feeling knowing it’s going to mean something to kids, and they can use it to learn Spanish at a young age, which is an amazing opportunity for them.


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December 13, 2018

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