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I created a children’s book in Spanish for SPAN201 intermediate Spanish I Class. I participated in this project to donate to donate to Spanish-speaking students Jefferson Elementary in Winona, MN and Arcadia Elementary in Arcadia, WI. My book is about an African American kid who can’t decide of he wants to have carrots or french fries for lunch. He can only have one or the other because the school gives students a choice, but they won’t allow the students to have them both. I hope the students will realize that they can have french fries, but that they should try to have carrots more often than french fries.

It was very difficult for me to come up with a good idea about what to write about because I’m not good at brainstorming. It was very difficult for me to do the illustrations for my book because I am not good at drawing and it was hard to find pictures on the internet to match my words. The easiest part was the writing in Spanish because it took less time to think about how to say my story in Spanish than to brainstorm or to figure out how to make my illustrations. If I were to do this project again I would want someone else to do the illustrations because it was very difficult to find pictures on the internet to match my story and I would definitely not draw my illustrations because I’m not good at drawing.


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December 13, 2018

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