Briana Ackerman

For Spanish 201, our final project is writing a book in Spanish and reading it to elementary students. I have written a book about migrant workers who have come to the United States to work. They came to work here so that they can send money back to their families in Mexico. They work very hard for the whole summer to support their families, and help their boss, Pete. I hope the kids will get the message that you have to work hard in life, and that migrant workers are spending time away from their family, so they can support them. I really enjoyed writing this book because it has allowed me to use my Spanish skills. I think this final project has more benefits than a final exam, because you are actually using your Spanish rather than being tested on grammar. I have learned a lot from going back and editing my book to get it right. I enjoyed writing this book and am really looking forward to reading it to the 4thgraders at Jefferson Elementary school.


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December 13, 2018

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