Kristin Cole's Children's Book

This project was a children’s book written in Spanish by students in the Intermediate Spanish I class. We are donating our books to Spanish-speaking students at Jefferson Elementary in Winona and Arcadia Elementary in Arcadia, WI. My book is about a girl named Josie who begins her first day at her new school. She doesn’t know anyone and is very nervous. A boy, named Manuel, notices that the other kids aren’t very welcoming to Josie so he makes the effort to talk to her and make her feel welcome. By the end of the day Josie feels much better about her new school and is excited to go each day. Coming up with a topic wasn’t very hard. It was something that I kind of thought about right away because I have been in Josie’s situation before. Writing the story out took some time but illustrating the book took the most time. What I hope the kids get out of my story is empathy for others and kindness. When they notice that someone is having a hard time they will help one another and be a friend.


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December 13, 2018

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